Monday, May 18, 2009

baby's first portrait!

It is so amazing to realize there is a face inside my belly. How wild is that?!

I went in for an emergency sonogram today because some spotting started up again yesterday, along with some weird feelings of pressure. My kind family doctor ordered the ultrasound after we weren't able to get an appointment with an OB. As I mentioned before, I never had an ultrasound with my earlier pregnancies, and I wasn't able to see the screen when I had an ultrasound three weeks ago, so this was my first experience actually seeing life move around inside me. I was filled with relief and awe as the heartbeat came into view, as the technician (who was also incredibly kind) pointed out elbow and stomach and chin and foot on the grainy, shifting screen. We got to see the baby stretch its tiny legs, and turn around so we could see its sweet spine.

The technician asked me to pee before she switched from the abdominal ultrasound to the (shudder) transvaginal one. As I walked to the bathroom, I had the strange sensation that I had left the baby in the testing room, that the baby just existed on the screen. It took a moment to remember that the little squirming creature was actually right there, inside of me, coming along for the ride.

Later, the technician showed us an image of the baby's face--you can see it here (as a photo of a photocopy, so not the clearest image, but doesn't it look like the baby is grinning?) Somehow seeing the face made something shift in me. I suddenly let myself be happy. I've been happy about the pregnancy before, but it's been a guarded happiness, a cautious happiness. I've been so nervous about losing the baby, I haven't let myself be fully happy about the baby. But seeing it float around, seeing its heart beat, seeing its little face, filled me with a true, deep happiness that lasted for hours. Of course something could still happen, but I'm grateful that I was able to let myself be taken over with the wonder of this new life and let fear fade away, at least for a while.


  1. Oh, what a sweet baby face! Everything will work out with this baby, Gayle! I'm praying right along with you.

    ~ Blessings ~

  2. Smiling babies in utero make me smile :D

    ::belly blessings::

  3. Oh Gayle!

    This made me cry. Which is a little weird after reading the post above it, because I was giggling right along with you at the weird combinations of words. Actually, egg and cheese didn't sound so strange to me because when we were definitively trying for a girl several years ago one of the recommendations from a site that "guarantees" your preferred gender was to eat cheese, among other things.

    You are indeed a baby jar right now! It's fun to be able to see right through your belly to that sweet little face.

    Thanks so much for sharing --


  4. Spotting is so scary. I hope everything will be okay. I am thinking of you and little egg & cheese. The ultrasound picture is amazing to see, THAT little

  5. Oh Gayle, this post reminded me of my last pregnancy, during which I had some very scary spotting. Laugh away and get lots of rest. I'll be thinking about you.

  6. Thank you so much, everyone. I am very grateful to have your blessings and support.