Thursday, May 13, 2010

Asher, sleeping

Asher recently started flipping over onto his tummy to sleep. I was worried about this at first--I keep hearing that babies should sleep on their backs to reduce the threat of SIDS, plus the second night of tummy-flipping, we were staying in a hotel with a big marshmallow of a foam bed and I was worried his face would get swallowed up--but my sister assured me that once babies start turning over on their own to sleep, they're ready for it.

I love watching Asher sleep (I love watching him awake, too. I just love watching him, in general.) Since he was born, his arm has been a barometer of the depth of his sleep. He will often fall asleep with his arm sticking straight up, perpendicular to the bed, as if he is hailing a cab. As he descends into slumber, the arm lowers to the mattress, sometimes with such incremental, controlled slowness, it looks like he is doing yoga, or maybe even a Noh dance. It is amazing to me that a baby's arm can have such controlled and graceful movement, especially while it's fighting gravity. Sometimes, though, his arm will drop to the bed with a sudden thud, and the thwack of it will wake him back up.

Now that he is sleeping on his tummy more, the arm-as-barometer isn't happening as often. I'm going to miss it when it's no longer part of his sleep repertoire. It's funny how I'm already nostalgic about Asher's babyhood; I was at a store today and sighed when I saw the three month clothes. It all happens so quickly; I can't believe he'll be six months old soon (and he's already wearing 9 month outfits). My sweet slumbering boy.


  1. Aww Gayle. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So sweet. And he's beautiful. Funny, when Max was a baby, they warned about sleeping on your back and we bought him this soft little side sleeper device where he fit into it and it kept him on his side. I'm so nostalgic for his babyhood (he's 13!) but I also am ridiculously attached to every moment I can have with him now.

  3. It sounds like a cliche, but yes, as you know, it goes so fast. Everyone told (or warned) me of this, and to enjoy the sweet baby moments. Another friend said that when they are little, they are still making underwater moves with their hands, like swimming, still, in the womb. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Awwwe he looks like an angel sleeping in this picture. He is so handsome like his father :) He is definitely a perfect mixture of you & Michael!
    Yes, it is sad to see them grow up so quickly. I cannot believe he's already 6 months old and fitting into 9 months old clothes. Crazzzy!! My son too is going to be 3 in Sept. I feel as if I just had him 6 months ago & now he's going to be 3 years old and ready to start pre-school. It's scary how times can fly so rapidly. I also feel I'm getting that much older too as my son gets older. Very sad and joyful at the same time. What a feeling....

  5. So sweet. I love the picture and word description of Asher sleeping.